The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Ltd, is one of the renowned multifaceted Ayurvedic institutions in India. AVP was founded in 1943 by the great visionary, Late Arya Vaidyan P V Rama Varier, a renowned physician trained in the age old Ayurveda tradition of Kerala. Arya Vaidyan P.V.Rama Varier was born in 1908 as the only son of Vaidyavichakshanan Mankulangara Kunjan Varier, a reputed Sanskrit scholar, poet and physician and Smt. Putiya Variyath Kutty Varasiar. His deep knowledge, innate sincerity, humility and capacity for untiring hard work won for him the deep affection and trust of all those who came into contact with him. The affluent and congenial atmosphere of his life at Calicut could not fetter his restless soul which yearned for an independent life in dedication to the cause of Ayurveda. He resigned his job on 30th June 1943 and with his blessing of his Guru and good wishes of his colleagues set out on his new venture.

Sri P.R. Krishnakumar, son of the illustrious Rama Variar, is the head of the AVP group of institutions. Having widely traveled in India and abroad and possessing a vision as broad as his father, he has dedicated his life to the promotion of Indian science, art and culture and in particular Ayurveda. Well versed in Ayurveda, Indian architecture, astrology, philosophy and other allied subjects, Shri Krishna kumar is on the advisory board of several government and non governmental organisations involved in the propagation of Ayurveda. He was instrumental in bringing Ayurveda to the attention of the World Health Organisation (WHO).The progress of this institution during the course of the last six decades is a saga of tireless Zeal by him whose consummate skill and expertise to build up this institution, which is now fast growing under the able guidance of his son Shri. P.R. Krishkumar, the Managing Director, who is also the Ayurvedic Trustee and president of the Arya Vaidyan Rama Varier Educational Foundation of Ayurveda.

Inspired by his vision AVP is carrying out the propagation & promotion of authentic Ayurveda to the people all over the world. We have 40 branches, 1000 franchisees, a 150 bed hospital in Coimbatore and franchise treatment centers in West & South east Asia.

AVP is dedicated to translate the founder’s vision into reality.


Ayurveda, the health care system indigenous to India, has an impressive evolutionary history that spans a period of many thousands of years, With the advent of bio-medicine, Ayurveda was relegated to the background and there was a time when it looked as though the final word had been said about it. Ayurveda is now getting worldwide attention albeit the nature of the role it can play in contemporary health care scenario is not well defined.

There is a viewpoint that progressive research in world health care must include a consideration to early medico-philosophical ideas. Indeed, ancient Ayurvedic thinking might as well provide metaphors that encapsulate templates to organize information on knowledge of life, health and disease from varied sources. However, the fact that Ayurveda still caters to basic health care needs of a significant number of people, especially in areas where modern medicine failed to offer solutions seems to be the major impetus behind its resurgence in our times.



This AVP Hospital at Pathanjlaipuri, Mankarai, was started in the year 1980, to commemorate the Birth centenary of our founder, Arya Vaidyan P V Rama Varier. Here, Ayurveda "The Science of Life" works wonders. Located at the foot hills of the western ghats - in the lap of Mother Nature, where the physical world merges with the celestial world, one can feel the healing touch of nature.

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International Institute of Ayurveda was started in the year 1980 under AVR Educational Foundation of Ayurveda, the Educational and Research Institution, promoted by The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited. The Institute was inaugurated by Sri. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, the then President of India, in Patanjalipuri.

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The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP), a pioneering traditional institution with its activities spread across education, production, research and clinical services in the field of ayurveda, has become the hub of many national and international programs, serving as a milestone in the history of ayurveda.

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