Learning Ayurveda is a life long process. Though the current degree program offers a base for the students, there are more to learn and many skills to develop to become a practitioner. As prescribed in the classics, every practitioner need to spend time in the company of great vaidyas to perfect what they practice and preach. Patanjalipuri, the learning center created by AVP, has that sankalpa (intention) of providing optimal learning environment and facilities for the true seekers. Centre for Advanced Learning is the unit that purely functions for Ayurveda students and practitioners - as the path to perfection. It offers programs in three levels: (a) for graduate students - to fill the gaps that are many in their curriculum; (b) for fresh graduates - as a 'finishing school' to initiate them in to field of practice by equipping them with the needed knowledge, skills and confidence and (c) for practitioners - to periodically update their knowledge and better their commitment and performance.