Facility Description
Internet WiFi Internet Service is provided in each room at no extra charge.

(This is provided as an amenity. In case of Internet outages from the service provider, no compensation or credit can be provided on the room rate.)
Phone (local, STD, ISD) All-India fixed lines/mobile phone calls – Rs. 2/minute
ISD (calls outside India) – Rs. 30/minute
Laundry We have a laundry lady and kindly follow the laundry instructions.
Books We have a hearty lending library of over 100 Ayurveda and general books from which you may borrow. The facility is available at the pharmacy, where you will be required to leave a refundable deposit of Rs. 500 per book borrowed. You may keep the book for one week, and renew weekly.
Vehicle The AVP vehicle stationed at Mangarai has first priority for hospital-related emergencies and administrative needs. However, the vehicle is often available for short journeys to Coimbatore city. You may inquire about availability and approximate charges with advance booking by contacting the front office. Charges will be finalized upon your return.
Temples and Offerings We have three temples scattered on the campus. There is a Ganesha temple, a Hanuman/Anjaneya temple, and a Pathanjali temple. Pujas/Homams etc can be done on request, provided the request to be given to us at least couple of days in advance.
Yoga You may also do yoga in your room or in the yoga hall.
Water Purified hot water is available all the time.
Prayer Every Thursdays we have Bhajans and prayers in our prayer hall.
Itercom facilities available.

In case you require any print outs of your tickets etc, you can send it as an attachment to avpmankarai@avpayurveda.com and subsequently call the pharmacy to inform and ask for the same for which Rs 10 will be charged per page.

Other facilities around our hospital If you require a dental consultation or eye check up, we can take an appointment for you with our nearby best practitioner.
All rooms are equipped with mosquito nets and further we provide electric bug repellents.