There are three important components to the treatment, which need to be borne in mind.
They are:

Internal Medicine.
External Treatments.

All three are equally important parts of the treatment and you need to ensure that you follow all of them meticulously during your stay here.

Internal Medicine

After the physicians decide on your Treatment program, they will decide on certain internal medicines and external treatments to be given to you.

The internal medicines are normally of the following types:

Medicated decoctions ( concentrated herbal teas)
Herbal powders - Choornam
Medicated Ghritham
Medicated Lehyam
Gulika/ Vati- Pills

Ayurveda considers that the entire plant, animal and mineral kingdom are sources of medicine. In other words, there is nothing in this world that is not medicine. However for practical purposes, we use generally only around 600 different herbs (and a few mineral and animal products where absolutely essential) and their combinations in the treatment of various diseases. It is from this vast selection that the physicians will decide what are the best medicines suited to you and your condition, the determination

is on the basis of the disease, nature of alimentary tract of the patient, his strength and age, place and time. Thus as you may see, the treatment is for the individual patient and not for the disease.

The internal medicines are normally given at the following times:
  • When there is no food in the stomach.
  • In the middle of a meal.
  • In between morsels.
  • From time to time.
  • Both before and after food.
  • At the commencement of a meal.
  • At the end of a meal.
  • With each morsel.
  • Mixed with food.
  • At night (bedtime).

The individual dosage timings will be decided by the physicians which will be informed to the patient accordingly. Please be sure to follow the given instructions regarding the intake of medicine carefully. This is especially for the medicine on empty stomach - you should ensure that you do not eat or drink anything for at least 90 minutes before and 60 minutes after intake of the medicine. If need be, a little water can be taken after taking the medicine. Some of the medicines may be bitter - please remember that it is medicine and take it with a smile and a prayer.

External Treatments

Normally a course of intensive treatment is for an average duration of around 5 weeks. The physicians will decide the treatment best suited to you based on your condition. They will also decide the time of the day when you will have your treatment - though you can let them know your choice, the final decision will depend on the availability of therapists for the specific time slot that you have chosen.

A typical course of treatment is divided in to three phases:
Phase I – Includes Abhyangam (synchronized Auyrvedic Massage of whole body )
Phase II - Intensive treatments like dhara, pizhichil, sirovasthi, virechanam,vamanametc.
Phase III – Strengthening phase including navarakizhi, navaradhara etc

During this entire process, please remember to keep your physician informed of any changes that you feel in your system. If you desire to know more about the different treatments, please ask your physicians - they will explain the same in detail to you. Your health is our primary concern. For women, treatment is not done on the days of menstruation, and so the treatment may be extended for another 4-5 days.


Food is an important part of the Ayurvedic treatment process. But it is not as most of you understand inmodem parlance. During the treatment especially, our emphasis is specifically on food that can be easily digested, as the digestive power is very low.

On coming into our hospital, you may kindly inform the physicians , the type of food you are accustomed to in terms of quality and quantity. Based on that, the physicians will formulate a diet for you, which will support the treatment program that you are to undergo.

We will provide you simple diet, which can be easily digested, and which contains less spices, oil and salt.

Please note that we serve only simple vegetarian food from our hospital canteen. We do not permit the intake of non-vegetarian food during the treatment.

Intake of alcohol and tobacco and narcotics is also strictly prohibited during the period of your stay in our hospital. We request you to co-operate with us for your own benefit.